Modular Table Top Conveyors

Highly Flexible Conveyors to Meet Your Unique Handling Applications

Intercon has a variety of conveyor type and sizes specifically designed to handle a wide variety of products. All of these conveyors can be integrated with each other and process equipment to meet many needs. We carry specialty table top conveyors that use plastic chains which are guided in an aluminium extrusion profile. The plastic chain is multi-flexible and able to carry product through tight horizontal and vertical turns.



Table Top Alpine Conveyor

Table Top Conveyors Available in Three Series:

  • Aluminum Frame Conveyor
  • Stainless Steel Frame Conveyor
  • Crescent Chain Conveyor

Application Areas:

  • Personal Products, Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industry
  • Automotive & Machined Parts Industry
  • Food & Packaging Industry
  • Electrical & Electronic Industry
  • Paper Converting Industry
  • Optical Industry

Specialized Equipment:

  • Gripper Elevators / Lowerators & Related Machines
  • Accumulators
  • Can Cleaner
  • Automated Adjustable Side Guide Systems

Incline Conveyor

Industrial Modular Conveyors

  • Aluminum Frame Chain Conveyors
  • Small Product Handling Table Top Conveyors
  • Gripper Conveyors
  • Accumulators
  • Alpine Conveyors
  • Safety Chain