Modular Flexible Conveyors

Continuous Plastic Chain Curving Conveyors

A truly modular conveyor system, capable of horizontal and vertical bends within one chain design!

Flexible plastic chain conveyorThese systems are widely used in food production, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing. Also available with multiple types of transfers, both gravity (non-powered) and powered, for handling products at the start and end points of the conveyor.


Durable: These modular conveyors are more durable than competing conveyors. Large portions of original chain are still running on conveyors that have run six days a week for years, even in areas with high levels of contaminants.

Quiet: Our conveyor systems are designed as a complete system, with all parts created specifically to work together and reduce noise. These conveyors create one-twentieth the amount of noise of a conventional plastic conveyor system.

Safe: Our conveyor chains are completely captured to the frames, so there is no loose chain on the top or bottom of the conveyor. Dangerous catenaries have also been eliminated.

Clean: Our chain has a 40-75% open design (depending upon type of chain), allowing crumbs and debris to fall through. Cleaning is easy — the conveyors can be hosed down!

Easy to Maintain: The chain can be opened at any point with a standard screwdriver. Sprockets can be replaced without having to remove the drive shaft. And the modular design allows for standardization of replacement parts.

Easy to Modify: Using modular bolted construction, sections can be added, removed or changed. Drives, idlers, curves, and vertical bends are all individual modular units, and can be changed or replaced independently.

Fast Solutions: Optimized production processes brings you the highest quality in the shortest time. Designer conveyors are built as complete systems.

Partnering: We help you find the best solution to your material handling problem. We back our systems with a one-year, on-site warranty which covers all parts.

Plastic Chain Conveyor Examples

Custom Conveyor Solutions

Our conveyors can be combined for near infinite possibilities. Multiple chain types are available for even more variety.

Our flexible modular conveyor system has a clear advantage over competing systems. Durable, quiet, safe, and clean, our systems are easier to maintain and modify, and are readily customized to provide you with exactly the system you need. Contact us today for a customized quote or for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

Curved Plastic Chain ConveyorAvailable in Multiple Configurations:

  • Straight and Curving Conveyors
  • Double Curving Conveyors
  • Horizontal Offset Conveyors
  • Incline or Decline Conveyor
  • Vertical Offset Conveyors
  • Wedge Conveyors
  • Powered Roller Transfers
  • Unique Belting options for all Applications